Monday, July 23, 2012

Moving out and moving on.

I think I need to lay off the dystopian novels for awhile. And the air conditioning (the two are on).

I've read two of them back to back and it has given me a sense of living in another world.  A world where all the doom and gloom of my childhood has come to fruition and we are living in a haze that could be defined as the End of Days.

Btw, today is the occasion of the ninth heat alert for the city of Toronto in 2012.  And of course, this haze is actually real.  

The doom and gloom of my childhood was based on the threat of nuclear war. And given the current US situation with Iran methinks this threat is still very real.

It is hard to know what to do.

Mother says:  plant cabbages. And you know what?  My little salt box house by the sea just might be the place for it.


  1. I had previously read the Rolling Stone article which signals (to me) no turning back. At all. It is far too serious.
    Nothing like a good old war to sort us out and distract us though, right?


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