Counting Dead Women Canada 2016


If you are using the research from this project, please acknowledge the work of the NL Feminists and Allies researchers. Thank you. 

Please message us if there are any errors or omissions. This is a list of girls and women suspected to have been murdered by men and their deaths were identified as murders in 2016.

NL Feminists and Allies also thanks the many journalists in Canada who continue to report on the epidemic of violence against women and whose work is used here as reference.

We also acknowledge the original help and guidance of Karen Ingala Smith who began this project in the UK in 2012 as well as REAL for Women Man Murders Woman 2015 Campaign in Australia who have also recently started counting dead women. There are a number of other similar international initiatives documenting #femicide.

2016 in Memoriam
  1. January 5, 100 Mile House, BC: Vesna Dumstrey-Soos, 37. Michael Martel, 46, has been charged with first-degree murder. RCMP believe this to be an isolated incident where Martel and the victim knew each other.
  2. January 17, Toronto, ON: Annunziata Melaragno, 68. Her husband, Dario Melaragno, 73, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.
  3. January 17, Lethbridge, AB: Irene Carter, 78. Lethbridge police say an autopsy indicates Carter died after being stabbed in her own home and have ruled her death a homicide. Lethbridge police are investigating.
  4. January 22, La Loche, SK: Marie Jaqueline Janvier, 21 (Aboriginal). RCMP have charged a 17-year-old suspect with four counts of first-degree murder, seven counts of attempted murder and unauthorized possession of a firearm. He can’t be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
  5. January 23, Hamilton, ON: Tammy Le, 25. Ms. Le died of external neck compression suspected to have been inflicted by 'john' Terry Moore, 30. Moore committed suicide later the same evening.
  6. January 24, Saskatoon, SK: Beverly Littlecrow, 36 (Aboriginal). Her boyfriend Gabriel Faucher, 43, is charged with second-degree murder in her death.
  7. January 25, Mississauga, ON: Unnamed Female, 68. Peel police are investigating a suspicious death in Mississauga after a woman was found unresponsive in her home.
  8. January 27, North Vancouver, BC: Christine Grube Lefkove, 58. Ms. Lefkove's son Alex Lefkove, 19, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.
  9. January 30, Toronto, ON: Sylvia Consuelo, 34. Ms. Consuelo was found dead in her apartment and police state that she was also 'brutally' sexually assaulted. Police have said that was part of the sex trade and have released video footage of the suspect.
  10. February 3, Sarnia, ON: Gurpreet K. Brar, 37. Ms. Brar’s husband Sukhchain Singh Brar, 50, has been charged with first degree murder.
  11. February 6, Winnipeg, MB: Mavis Ducharme, 39 (Aboriginal). Kashtin Flett, 23, faces second degree murder charges in the alleged murder of Mavis Ducharme.
  12. February 7, Lethbridge, AB: Candy Little Light, 56 (Aboriginal). Little Light, known to loved ones as “Candy,” was found dead in her home. The cause of her death has not been released. The investigation into her murder is ongoing.
  13. February 12, London, ON: Unnamed Female. Police have said "A male killed a female, and then took his own life". Community members have identified Mahmoud Abdulrahim as the husband who killed his wife before committing suicide.
  14. February 14, Odessa, ON: Nicole Guimond, 28. Police believe Travis Sayyeau, 24, shot his former girlfriend and roommate Nicole Guimond before shooting himself.

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