Friday, September 16, 2011

LBF: Life Before Facebook

Events in my life have taken many twists and turns in the last couple of years so that by the end of July I thought, I need to unplug from the greatest friend debauchery the world has ever known.  Even if it is only for a wee while.  So I took a month off of facebook this past August.

I can report that after one month exactly 4 of my 661 facebook 'friends' contacted me via phone/email.  I have 3 immediate family members and luckily we maintain regular contact.  So, as a mathematician I have to evaluate this using the cold hard facts.  4/661 people are really my friends.  I interacted with approximately 0.6% of the total publicly declared number of connections that facebook deems friends.

I don't know about you, but that's about the same as LBF.  In my adult life I have found that in a given month I socialize with about 5-10 people and since I actually do know people that don't have a facebook account that number is about correct for my facebook free month.

Facebook clutters my life and I'm not sure I can return to it again.  I've poked around a bit in the few weeks since I 'returned'  (pun intended) and I feel like a lost sheep.  The spell is broken.  The charm has ceased.

I am now officially living LAF:  Life After Facebook.  This 'new' life will include this blog.  Or another blog (I have a  habit of creating new blogs....maybe I will commit to one eventually).


  1. I took your lead and spent the month of August off of FB as well. And wouldn't you know it...I managed to have one of my most productive months in recent memory! Perhaps I should update my blog more often and taking a longer break.

  2. Carly: The whole exercise was fascinating and I feel cluttered every time I return! I am composing today's post on the subject of what I did during the month :)


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