Thursday, March 13, 2014


Today the wind is gathering momentum outside my saltbox by the sea. It is expected to crest to upwards of 100 km/hr. AGAIN.

It is a metaphor for the myriad of emotions I feel while reading and listening to tales of women's oppression. And as you likely know, it's everywhere.

I met with two women in town for lunch this week. We had all just attended a rally to protest the closure of the Family Violence Intervention Court here in my new home province of Newfoundland. This court, opened by the current government in 2009 was closed last year. The budgetary savings of a mere $500,000 (only 0.02% of the entire provincial budget) was deemed too much to improve and save the lives of women. A province with the highest rates of domestic violence in Canada closed the only program offering real solutions to families facing the horrors of domestic violence. It is beyond shameful and should be criminal.

At our lunch the three of us shared part of our own stories of domestic violence. We agreed it is the shame that weighed heaviest upon us and nearly crushed all of us. And the fact is that domestic violence does crush some of us. Five women in Newfoundland were murdered by their partners in 2012. Five women literally crushed out of existence by five violent men. 

So yes, I'm howling today. And the backdrop of the raging wind is providing a poignant metaphor for the way so many of us women feel whilst desperately battling the shackles of oppression in our town, our province, our nation, and our world.


  1. I'm shocked. We always hear about how kind and wonderful NFLD people are. I should have known better. Salt of the Earth, do anything for you. The 9/11 response.

    But not for the women in the family.

    Which year are you sourcing for stats? I get Saskatchewan, with Saskatoon being the worst city. And I'm going to remind you I'm First Nations, so when I say it's because of the male gang members beating on their girlfriends, you'll know I'm not being racist. Just a woman who refuses to protect the blood any longer, because when times are bad, men will take it out on women, no matter who they are. There are some young native women who haven't allowed themselves to acknowledge that. Yet.

    1. Internalized patriarchy. sigh.

      DV rates are per capita by province. City figures will differ.

      xo sister.

    2. Yes, 2011 stats: Saskatchewan, then Manitoba, then New Brunswick.


  2. I look around at the OBCs* running our world and therein lies the problem. Always.
    *Old Boys' Clubs

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