Friday, September 6, 2013

Pondering on the Playa

She was fully clothed but wearing an object strapped around her hips and it jiggled towards me as I sat on the Playa watching her walk towards me.

I had once briefly worn such an object, years ago, courtesy of my drag-king performing lesbian sister. The sight of it made me leap up and run towards the young woman and grasp this familiar eerie-real-skin-feel toy and exclaim "aren't these great!". Impulsivity is a weakness with me, admittedly.

Her reaction was immediate and intense. 'She' was a she-he. A trans-man. She-he felt violated. Her-his pain was real. I empathetically responded albeit mystified.

In the drag-king lesbian community a flaccid strap-on is a prop worn under clothing in order to provide a bulge. When I wore it I enjoyed a playful small taste of what it would be like to have external sexual organs although without any sexual sensation. The young trans-man I met on the Playa last week felt that this object WAS her-his sexual organs despite the lack of any hard-wired neuro-connectivity.

She-he then admitted she-he was being a douche for walking around exposing her-his real-fake sexual organs.

Witnesses to this interaction were as perplexed as I was. Some of them hugged me as I proceeded to flashback to the terror I felt at the #radfemriseup conference where we received threats from people like her-him.

Later in the week a man dismissed me outright when I queried his statement regarding a two year old being transgendered. I asked him how was it possible that a toddler, years away from sexual reproduction, could feel or act as a gendered human. He literally walked away, frustrated that I could not understand the 'logic' of his claim regarding a two year old 'feeling' misgendered.

These two interactions made me realize how imperative it is to work towards eliminating the ever increasing the gender as a construct entrenchment in modern society. If we don't do so we risk, once again, the subjugating of females to mere objects of  sexual satisfaction or reproductive sows - as is it is still the case throughout much of our world.

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  1. Gender elimination must be a priority but I doubt we will see it in this millennium. Too much money to be made in this pink and blue world we inhabit.

  2. This is so fucked up! YOU sexually assaulted a person, a person who happened to be trans* who you've repeatedly misgendered and blamed for YOUR aggressive behaviour in this post.

    I'm not sure you know what feminism is if you are anything but ashamed for what you did.

    1. I sexually assaulted a person . I am aggressive. I should be ashamed.

      Thx for dropping by!

    2. Does Jennifer write for The Onion?

      Welcome back.

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  4. This post has been tagged as terf (trans exclusionary radical feminist) on tumblr. I am not transphobic and have publicly admitted that I am a transgendered man myself.

    I just want to add here that I apologized to this person and she accepted. We were both crying. This person called themselves a douche for wearing the device on top of clothes. They clearly presented as female otherwise.


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