Thursday, January 10, 2013

Me: An Original Nerd/Geek Fashionista

This picture needs no accompanying words with respect to the title of this blog.  But, for posterity, I will accompany it, below the (most awesome pic ever of me) with thoughts and ruminations of the last sixty days of my life.  Yes, it's been awhile.

I was 11 and I wore those shorts out.
I outgrew the tshirt (my dad's old rugby team).

In the past two months I think I've had the opposite of writer's block: Writer's bounty.  I have so many ideas I don't know where to start. It's like a waterfall being forced to trickle into a tiny tube.

And then there is this other major life change I'm facing which is how I came upon this classic picture of me.  I'm clearing out my house.  It's the ocean for me this summer. In writing even that short sentence the thought of fresh sea air makes me salivate (not joking).  I am desperate for it.

So, to recap, briefly, the last two months:

  1. I have a curious affliction I'm calling writer's bounty.
  2. I had some lovely quality holiday time with daughter and out of town friends.
  3. I have been to many Toronto museums (I've discovered the free pass system).
  4. I am implementing a weekly internet free day and live life as though it hadn't been invented yet (Tuesdays). 
  5. I did my first ever spoken word performance (see here for evidence!).
  6. I have enrolled in a course called "Getting Paid in the Knowledge Economy" and am very much looking forward to it.
  7. I have been feeding the birds in my front yard feeder regularly. This brings an inner joy that must mean that I'm getting old or wise (or simple?). It brings to mind an expression that a dear friend shared with me over the holidays:  "And this too."  

And, back to the picture.  Even at eleven I preferred comfort.  I remember the softness of that cotton t shirt   And those shorts fit perfectly and at the time I felt were quite fashionable (go ahead, laugh, but unless you were 11 in 1978 then shut up lol).


  1. I know that feeling of so many thoughts and just about exploding with them. Maybe we should go back to the huge piece of paper on the floor and just put all the ideas on there!!

    1. I'm thinking of just writing them on my walls in erasable marker lol.


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