Friday, March 23, 2012

Womb Warrior


(S) He who controls the wombs, controls the warriors.

An operations management strategy for the human race includes a special manual on how to control a population while letting them believe that they actually live in a democracy.

Section A of this manual would include an A-Z guide on current and historical world religions and how to use any/some/all of them to hijack community based cultures in order to control people.  Storytelling methods using advanced media platforms with special shock and awe focus would be especially detailed (think early miracles and modern day prophecies).  Modern footnotes to this section would include guidelines on giving lip service to woman's rights while commanding obedience to a monotheistic god or rigid doctrines.

Section B of this manual would include an A-Z guide on current and historical world military successes and failures.  The Roman empire, Napoleon, etc.  Methods to ensure the competitive spirit was enshrined at a very young age would be outlined.  Media platforms to induce this would again be outlined and detailed.  By military I mean anybody who owns the guns so that includes most current police forces and the political fortresses that run them.

Section C would follow the rule of Fight Club.  It would not actually exist.  But if it did it would command state control over reproductive and journalistic freedom, in any way shape or form.



  1. I would add the straw/bogey man to your list to instill the important component of FEAR.


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