Friday, March 30, 2012

The Rhythm of Permaculture

I was out with a new friend last night to an event I have attended infrequently but was glad to introduce it to my friend for the first time last night.

We ended up chatting for awhile and finding out about a number of commonalities in our lives. This often happens to me with new relationships. Each time this happens, I marvel at the seemingly endless expanse of our interconnected world vis-a-vis how microcosmic we actually are in this vast universe.

At one point she said to me that the changes and increased awareness that is occurring lately is like watching music in action..."There is a rhythm to it".

That resonated deeply with me.

Our lives are like instruments and when the interconnectedness manifests with love then a full blown orchestra starts playing and you can literally feel the rhythm pulsating through the air around you and within you.

So, consider this an invite to tune up your own instruments with love and join the orchestra that is gaining traction even as I write these words.  The music will move you to tears, I promise you.


  1. Wow, girlfriend, magic post. (Did I say Yep, there's a great vibe playing round us; a rockin' and rollin' all over the world. What's not to love?

    1. I love the song Ursula!! I couldn't play it on the mobile and just now remembered this ....dancing away this morning...thx :)

  2. Yup I feel it too. Changes are coming. They are all good. Like music, one feels it.

    1. Everywhere I go people seem to be talking about it...xo


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