Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Imbolc!

Today marks the official start of spring according to my druid/celtic ancestors.

I don't know about you but I've certainly noticed the recent changing sunrise and sunset times. Actually, I've always been attuned to the delight that is inherent in spring.  When I was a child/young adult I attributed that to the fact that I am a spring baby.  Then, after being newly pregnant throughout one spring, I remembered the anticipation I had and the delight of creating life.

And now, I realize that there is actually scientific reasons for this delight.  Vitamin D to be more precise.  The increase in sunlight causes an increase in Vitamin D and voila - more energy!  I regard this magnificent exchange between our Sun and our bodies to be quite delightful.  And besides that, you never hear someone say they are depressed and bursting with energy now do you?

I look forward to new possibilities this spring.  I had the good fortune to run into a fellow explorer yesterday that I hadn't seen in a few years.  She and I exchanged so many ideas over the course of a few hours that I feel today that my brain is like a fully stocked seed storage vessel.  I now feel like I have a vast new array of new things to explore.  Meeting up with her, a sympatico explorer, solidified my recent realizations about freedom and I feel blessed that I can pick and choose which ideas to pluck out and to grow in the future.

One fresh idea I learned from her coincides nicely with the first day of spring.  It is called various names but I especially like Chi Farming.  My fellow explorer friend is of Chinese heritage and I love that her idea, delivered to me yesterday,  brings a sort of unity of our two cultures on today, February 1st, the ancient Irish first day of spring.  A day traditionally set aside to officially start preparations for the new season of growing.  The notable increase in light available for longer days outdoors made this day a good marking point.  If we reclaim this day we can also use it as a day to be mindful in our gardening preparations in order to maximize the fruits of the life force provided by our earth, sun, and moon.

So, this year I am eager to join in the preparations for spring that were first honoured formally on this date by my ancestors.  I am going through my seeds and making plans for my small urban garden.  I am also thankful that my explorations have allowed me to feel the resonance of new ideas such as that of the chi farming concept.  I am especially hopeful this year since I consistently have started feeling that life is coming together more often than falling apart. My own Chi is realigning.

Ballycrovane Standing Stone:  A Sacred space on the extreme west of Ireland,
Beara Peninsula, Cork - where my maternal family comes from.


  1. Chi Farming, love the sound of it.

    1. Gonna get me some of that this year in Middle Cove maybe, eh? xo

  2. Glad to have found your blog, Orla. Glad we've connected on Twitter.

    Looking forward to connecting with you soon, whether it will be in TO or in Winnipeg.


    1. It was wonderful to connect with you last year Doreen! I am looking forward to your chocolate book :)


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