Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Felis Catus: Venato ergo sum

Domestic Cat:  I hunt therefore I am.

  1. Hunger/Boredom (mostly likely boredom)
  2. Opportunity Spotted (something to hunt)
  3. Goal Set (decide to nail a target)
  4. Appraisal of Situation (best launch point)
  5. Maximize the Utility of Personal Surroundings (take up a different position if necessary/able)
  6. Wait, Patiently, Until Goal is Within Reach (watch, listen, and learn)
  7. Posturing (align yourself with target)
  8. Pounce (leap of faith)
  9. If Goal Achieved (target is met) go to step 10, otherwise Repeat steps 1- 9, Possibly with the same target.
  10. If Hungry, Eat.  Otherwise - Let Go and Repeat steps 1 - 9, Possibly with the same target.
In 2012 I think I'll try to take a page or two from my cat.


  1. Quite apropo!!!
    My cat and I like it alot!!

  2. Love it.. Valuable lesson is that of course we can learn oh so much from our pets!

    Wuffles (my crazed collie) encourages me to keep fit and doesn't for a minute care what time of the day or night!!

  3. Ena: My old dog (13 this week) has also taught me much. At the twilight of her life she now is teaching me volumes about aging and our walks are slow enough now to be almost meditative.

  4. ah Orla what a great age your doggie is. All this rushed walking is not for me either. To hell with those who think otherwise! 40 minutes of aerobic activity my eye. What's that about? People are so rushed at every aspect of life they've forgotten about the moment! Thanks so much Orla for your support in following me on facebook and on twitter @plantmad Lovely to know even though you are thousands of miles away that some times you get to read and possibly like what I've posted? x.x

  5. Ena: I love your writing and will hopefully remember to pop by your blog more by having you in multiple streams :) Cheers!


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