Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Toronto: Top 10 Reason List.

fubar by 1944, acronym from fucked up beyond all recognition. Said to be military slang originally. (via)
occupy mid-14c., "to take possession of," also "to take up space or time, employ (someone)," from O.Fr. occuper, from L. occupare "take over, seize, possess, occupy," from ob "over" + intensive form of capere "to grasp, seize" (see capable). During 16c.-17c. a euphemism for "have sexual intercourse with," which caused it to fall from polite usage. (via)
I am going down to Bay Street next Saturday.  If that's where the gathering actually happens (no decisions as to location yet, I will watch for information on and @OccupyToronto).

Reason 1:  I am part of the 99%.  I'm pretty positive that so are you.
Reason 2:  This is not about left versus right.  I have many issues with the 'left'.  And many with the 'right'.
Reason 3:  I am 44 and unemployed.  Most lower paying jobs require long periods of standing or the ability to lift 50 lbs.  This is no longer feasible due to me having multiple sclerosis.  Despite my condition being quite mild these are limitations that I must honour in order to maintain maximum physical comfort and sanity.
Reason 4:  Despite a master's degree in engineering I have been unable to find a job.  I have met many middle aged people in similar circumstances.
Reason 5:  I have met thousands of regular Canadians this past year in the course of my working in temporary jobs (for the federal election, Census 2011 and the Ontario Election).  We live in an amazing area on our many cultures living next door to each other in peace.  I don't want corporate greed to destroy this special place we call Toronto.  We are a magical spot in the world.
Reason 6:  I have a 17 year old.  This is for her generation.
Reason 7:  The 20th century was about being 'soma-fied' into a way of life that is no longer feasible.
Reason 8:  The 21st century is about awakening .... or extinction due to overpopulation or climate change, likely both.
Reason 9:  The real survivor builds tribes.  The people down there next Saturday will be my people.
Reason 10:  It looks like a lot of damn fun.

If you are going next Saturday or wish you could go, feel free to leave a comment, anonymously even.  If you think this is a load of bull crap please comment (nicely) too.  #HarmoniousDifferences.

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