Friday, October 14, 2011


After tonight's organizational GA/workshops for the OccupyBayStreet/OccupyToronto event on Saturday I see the Toronto Elites taking it over.  Under 35.  Mostly white.  Mostly male.  Many of them paying attention more to their devices(smartphones/cameras) instead of the gathering of real live engaged and motivated human beings. Many of them with agendas that vary from political kowtowing to union participation.  And a lot of smokers (wtf?!).

If you were there, you know of what I speak.


Revolutions are difficult.  I'm glad this one is not armed.


  1. I sympathize. Although maybe a lot of individuals were communicating the messages of the general assembly to their friends during the GA? lets hope. It was my first time at a GA... I wasn't on my cell phone or smoking but I still didn't speak. I predict this will change come saturday.

  2. d: Yes, getting the message out is important! I guess I'm just a cranky middle aged person that was a little irritated by the constant stop-pause-and-tweet/click that I saw some facilitators doing. Multi-tasking has become a way of life and I'm not sure that it does much for our ability to actively listen. Cheers!

  3. I liked the food guy when he said, '..and more donations coming in all the time...' - then looked at his phone to see if their were any new texts - (presumably the sandwiches?).


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