Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheap Shots

It is always interesting for me to think now of how quickly the world has changed.  Back in 1977, with my first camera, there was always the underlying cost consciousness for me (and my parents).  Every click meant a photo development cost and if you didn't focus or use a flash when needed you were essentially throwing money away because the development of the photo was the only way to know about whether your skills made the cut.

This new hobby of mine was soon neglected with the resurgence of parental turmoil and the almost overnight removal of extras from our comfortable middle class life.

The hobby didn't really resurface until the birth of my child.  This was in 1994 and although digital cameras were making their debut in the consumer market, my now adult pocketbook was competing with the costs of a new mortgage and child care costs.  And then, after the abrupt ending of my marriage, frugality once again became a necessity.  However, I did manage to snap enough pix in those early childhood years to fill (and label!) a few photo albums.

And now I own a digital camera thanks to my mother.  About 8 years ago she gave me an awesome present of a top of the line point and click camera with a swivel LCD screen.  By today's standards it is quite primitive but I still love it.  In the past year I've taken to carrying it with me nearly everywhere.  I delight in the opportunity to take unplanned urban shots like the ones below.  I love the ability to take multiple shots and immediately assess them (or not).  The camera has become like an appendage to me.  And perhaps it is my way of taking cheap shots at the world I am so regularly angry with.

South side of King St West East of Spadina  September 2011

Vaughan Rd North of St. Clair August 2011

I have had fun filling up albums on FlickrFacebook and Picasa.  I am contemplating trying all 21 of the suggestions here.  My old recipe blog has a lot of food pictures and may soon see a resurgence due to my never ending penchant for cooking and my new knowledge about taking food photos :)

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